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This annual competition, organised by the International Ski Federation (FIS) for young skiers under the age of 20, highlights emerging talent in alpine skiing and often offers a glimpse of the sport’s rising stars. Like Alexis Pinturault, many of the sport’s biggest names began their careers by shining at these junior events before moving on to senior competitions.

This is a major event for our region, and a first, as this international competition will be spread across five resorts: Châtel, Morzine, Avoriaz, Les Gets and Saint-Jean-d’Aulps. The competitions are divided into different events such as the Downhill, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Combined and Team Event.

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The 2024 Alpine Junior World Ski Championships will be held in the heart of the Portes du Soleil, over 5 resorts in the Chablais region, sharing the 6 men's and women's disciplines!

7 days of competitions
6 disciplines

7 days of competition, 6 disciplines, 54 nations, 5 resorts… experience the thrills of sport with tomorrow’s top talent!


Women & Men

The fastest of "technical events": the Giant Slalom. The track is more sinuous than in a speed event, with a large number of closely-spaced gates to pass through (30 to 65 gates per event). This race is set in two runs on two different routes: the timing of both are added together to determine the final ranking!


Women & Men

Considered the pinnacle of Alpine skiing, Downhill is without doubt the most impressive speed discipline. Top speeds can reach 160 km/h! The curves are very sharp and jumps of several dozen meters high are common. This is a single-run event.


Women & Men

Slalom is the most technical discipline in Alpine skiing. The poles are even closer together than in a Giant Slalom, and the curves alternate very quickly, requiring rapid changes of direction. 40 to 75 poles per course, for a competition in two runs (the times of both runs are added together to determine the final ranking)!


Women & Men

The Super-G is somewhere between the Downhill and the Giant Slalom in terms of speed, the length of the track and the number of gates (28 to 45 depending on the race). The Super-G is therefore more technical than the Downhill because the difference in altitude is smaller and the gates are closer together. On the other hand, the Super-G will be faster than the Giant Slalom. It is a single run race.

Slalom Combined

Women & Men

A Combined event consists of a Downhill or Super-G run followed by a Slalom run. The times of both runs are added together to determine the final rankings. This discipline especially highlights the skiers' versatility between speed and technique.

Team Event

By team (mixed)

The Team Event is organised as a parallel slalom, by team (mixed). There are two identical courses, blue and red, interspersed with Giant Slalom gates spaced at around 10m intervals, for a nervous descent lasting no more than 25 seconds. The national teams are made up of three girls and three boys. A match between two teams proceeds as follows: girl against girl, boy against boy, then girl against girl and boy against boy to finish!