We are extremely proud to announce that the next Alpine Junior World Ski Championships will be held in the Portes du Soleil. For the first time, our region will be hosting this major international event, bringing together the world's best skiers under the age of 21. Four local ski clubs will be joining forces to orchestrate this unforgettable show, working hand in hand to deliver an exceptional experience for this event.

Five ski resorts will be actively participating in this adventure, offering their infrastructures and their passion for alpine skiing. Another 150 dedicated volunteers will be contributing their energy and commitment to ensure the success of this sporting event.

FIS Alpine Juniors 2024

As a reknowned land of sports, Haute-Savoie is committed every year to the life of its clubs and the training of its athletes. With more than 230,000 licence-holders in the area, it encourages its champions to reach the highest level, and also commits to the discovery and practice of sport for all, especially for the very young.

This commitment is most present in secondary schools, where, thanks to its "Savoir Skier" program, the Conseil Départemental gives more than 10,000 students in junior high the chance to try Nordic skiing, downhill skiing or snowboarding. Its sports policy is fully aligned with the tone of the competitions that take place in the region throughout the year.

For the first time, the International Ski Federation (FIS) has chosen Haute-Savoie, and the Portes du Soleil ski area, to host the 43rd Alpine Junior World Ski Championships 2024. From 27 January to 03 February 2024, 54 different nations will be competing against each other, raising the profile of Haute-Savoie around the world.

Congratulations to the organizers and all their volunteers for putting together this wonderful competition. Thank you to all the young athletes who will be such and inspiration to all during this week.

Since the beginning of their term of office, the elected representatives of the Conseil départemental have strengthened their proactive policies in favor of culture, sport and major events, with the goal to enable everyone, and in particular our young generation, to take part in these major events.

At the same time, from winter 2021 onwards, the Conseil Départemental has launched a Nordic plan and an Alpine plan, to support our mountain communities and work with them on the future of this field, its structures and the people who make it work, while taking into account changes in practices and climatic hazards. Enjoy the competition!